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Louis Marrone

Senior Project Manager, BaAM Productions (Toronto, ON)
Louis Marrone


Louis has more than 10 years’ experience presenting large-scale events and experiences throughout North America. Well-rounded, well-read and naturally curious, Louis loves the people side of project managing: the relationship-building, the teamwork, the managing of different personalities with different needs, all in the service of a project. In his ongoing role as Project Manager of MLB Play Ball Park, he puts his people skills to the test. In addition to working with a client team and internal project team, he must coordinate the efforts of city officials and labour representatives, venue staff and site managers—without ever losing sight of the most important factor in the equation, the fans. For the last three years, Louis has also spearheaded the development of BaAM’s Project Management Office to align processes and tools for more agile and scalable project teams.

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